55-57 Chevy – Tri Chevy, Disc Brake Conversion Kit


Disc brake conversion kits for 55 to 57 Chevy cars , brand new kits manufactured by Master Power Brakes USA.
This kit is for 55 to 57 Chevy cars, front disc brake conversion kit complete with new dual circuit master cylinder and servo, and the hubs / discs fits the standard spindles, you remove your drums and backing plates and fit this kit
You get absolutely everything to get the job done except brake fluid.
The kit contains new Master cylinder with dual circuit outlet and the brake servo.
All the lines and fittings , the nuts and pipe unions.
You get new discs with all new bearings , dust caps etc, you get 2 calipers complete with disc pads , with all the brackets to fit them to the standard spindles, you get all new bolts too, and even new flexi brake lines
Fantastic value,



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