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What we do & how we do it.

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Our customers demand the highest standards of workmanship and unsurpassed finishing which we are always able to provide, and it is for this reason that we achieve such a high rate of customer recommendation and return custom. Our mission is to provide consistent perfection. 

Classic vehicles in all their forms are our passion and we regularly attend UK classic car events with a selection of our products and vehicles for people to admire, with the team on hand to offer advice on any questions you may have. 

We are passionate about reviving some of the finest examples of classic motoring history, we believe you will find our craftsmanship second to none and we are very proud of the work we do.

We are situated at Horningtops near Liskeard in Cornwall, and it’s the beautiful backdrop to our garage.

Please ask if our skilled and experienced staff can assist you with your classic project.

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Sourcing Exclusive Cars & Parts
Dynamat Soundproofing
Bodywork Repairs
Major Body-off Chassic Restoration
Master Power Brake Instillation
Speciliast Collection & Delivery
Full Engine Restoration & Tuning
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  • Superb customer satisfaction
  • Second to none craftmanship
  • Skilled and experienced staff
  • Enthusiastic experts
  • Excellent customer service
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  • Ian and the team were superb to deal with. Excellent service and a phenomenal finish! Thank you.Paul Stephenson
  • Thank you to Ian for his guidance, expert knowledge and outstanding job.Edward Freeman
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